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NASCOLA News - Bulletin Item

Posted: Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dabigatran controls and calibrators available from Aniara Diagnostica LLC


Dabigatran is the active component of the oral anticoagulant prodrug, Dabigatran Etexilate and in specific situations or in emergency situations warrants monitoring.


Aniara Diagnostica LLC offers Dabigatran Plasma Calibrators (A222801) and Control Plasma (A224701) to be used in conjunction with the Hemoclot Thrombin Inhibitor Kit (ACK002K and ACK002L) to assist the laboratory in the set up of the dabigatran assay. Since dabigatran etexilate (Praxda) is a pro-drug controls cannot be made in the lab.


Dabigatran Plasma Calibrators enable the creation of a calibration curve for the measurement of Dabigatran in plasma, and are titrated and optimised for use with the HEMOCLOT Thrombin Inhibitors anti-IIa clotting assay. This assay is designed for the quantitative measurement of Hirudin, Argatroban, and other current and future direct thrombin inhibitors in plasma by their direct antithrombin activity. The calibrators and controls are currently being submitted to the FDA for approval using the HEMOCLOT Thrombin Inhibitor Kit.  If the dabigatran calibrators are used with other kits, results can vary according to the assay reactivity and its standardization.


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