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NASCOLA News - Bulletin Item

Updated: Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Posted: Tuesday, February 03, 2009

NASCOLA Recognition Award 2009


NASCOLA is pleased to announce that Dr. James White was awarded the first NASCOLA Recognition Award Program at the 2009 NASCOLA/Mayo Clinic Meeting.  Dr. White received this recognition for his life long contributions to laboratory assessment of platelet ultrastructure, including his pioneering work on using electron microscopy in the diagnosis of platelet disorders. He is widely recognized as a world leader in our field. He has made sentinel discoveries on the structural defects in platelets from individuals with platelet disorders.

The NASCOLA recognition award is a nonmonetary prize, awarded every two years, to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions of members. We encourage you to begin thinking about nominations for 2011. There are two award categories: one at the technologist level, and the other at the physician/scientist level.
 Nominations should include a letter or letters of recommendation, that outline why you feel an individual should be nominated for a recognition award.  Multiple letters for nominees are welcome – at least one must be from a NASCOLA member.  Please note, to be eligible for a recognition award, the nominees must be affiliated with an active NASCOLA institutional membership. In early 2011, we be welcoming your nominations again.

We congratulate Dr. White on his achievements!